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At Aeri Aesthetics, I only use quality products to maximize your results and maximize your experience!


Lira Clinical Skincare stands out for its cutting-edge formulations and commitment to addressing diverse skin concerns effectively. Combining science-backed ingredients with natural extracts, Lira Clinical offers personalized solutions for acne, aging, hyperpigmentation, and more. Their innovative approach, including Plant Stem Cell Technology, ensures visible improvements in skin texture and tone, promoting lasting radiance. Experience the difference with Lira Clinical Skincare - where science meets nature for your best skin yet.


GlyMed Plus stands out as a great product line due to its emphasis on professional-grade formulations backed by scientific research. The use of quality ingredients ensures potency and efficacy in addressing a wide range of skin concerns. Additionally, the incorporation of advanced technologies such as stem cells and peptides demonstrates a commitment to innovation and delivering cutting-edge skincare solutions. Whether targeting aging, acne, or hyperpigmentation, GlyMed Plus products are designed to improve skin health and appearance effectively. Overall, its reputation for delivering results-driven skincare makes it a top choice for individuals seeking high-quality skincare products.


Hale and Hush is an award winning skin care line. Known for their exceptional quality and unique benefits in sensitive skincare. Specifically formulated for sensitive and health-challenged skin, these products prioritize gentle, non-irritating ingredients. The brand is committed to providing effective solutions for conditions such as rosacea, eczema, and post-treatment sensitivity. Hale and Hush products are free from common irritants and allergens, ensuring a soothing experience for even the most sensitive skin. With a focus on calming and nourishing the skin barrier, users can expect relief from redness, inflammation, and overall improved skin health. Hale and Hush products offer a specialized and gentle approach to skincare for those with sensitive and compromised skin.

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